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 Els Horts del Palomar is situated in El Palomar. You can arrive from the north with the CV-40 motorway, from the CV-60 Gandia’s way. If you take the Montaverner way out, you arrive to N-340 that goes through the town.

 If you are coming from the south, you must take Atzaneta way out to go to the town.

 The town has a lot of interesting places to visit, el Parc “Font de Sis”, el Parc “Astres”, La ermita del Roser, el Museo parroquial, el Castellet agrícola.

 If you like mountains or climbing, there are places as “els Barrancs del Pou Clar d’Ontinyent. You can visit some caves, find an Iberian town, have a walk through old roman streets, visit castles or just enjoy the environment with a nice walk.

 There are some museums like Museo Casa José Segrelles, Museo internacional de titelles d’Albaida and Museo arqueológico de la Vall d’Albaida.

 There are some “thematic routs” like Relojes de Sol route, castle route, …

 You can do some more activities:

- Paintball
- Balloning
- Horse activities


 It has always been a deep food traditicion in Vall d’Albaida. It is characteristic people’s hospitality and you can try sweets and dishes made with hand made products.

 Oil, wine, honey are characteristic of the region and you can find cooperatives where you can buy all this products.


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