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 It is a house built before the XX century. The first formal documents are from 1900. It has been completely reformed, keeping the basic structure of stone and wood. Its walls, more 0.5m thick, and its originals beam give a warm atmosphere to the house.

 The house has three floors. There is a big room divided in SECTORES in the lowest floor. There you can find the TV, the fire place and the dinning room. There is a central patio for summer dinners. There are also 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a toilet. In the second floor there is a big terrace and 4 more bedrooms with 3 bathrooms.

 Rooms are big enough to have 4 more beds apart of the ones there and there are 2 cots for babies.

 Most of the furnitures have more than 100 years and most of the beds clothes and crockery are old.

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C/. Mayor,13 -- El Palomar (VALENCIA)
 Tlf: 96011532 / 633512923

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